Aladí. Catalog of the Municipal Libraries Network

Other catalogs

Public Libraries

Argus: Catalog of the Public Libraries of Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre
Managed by the Generalitat of Catalonia; it contains data on the documents that are part of the collection of 142 public libraries and two mobile libraries throughout Catalonia.
Spanish State's Public Libraries
Access tot the collection of the State's public libraries in an unique interface.

National Libraries

National Library of Catalonia (BNC)
The BNC collection is rich and with a great bibliographic and documentary value. It consists of nearly three million documents in various formats: books, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, engravings, maps, music scores, sound recordings and audiovisual materials, CD-ROM, etc.

National Library of Spain
In its catalog we can find all the items of the library: books, manuscripts, newspapers, graphic material, music scores, audiovisual and sound records.

University Libraries

University Union Catalog of Catalonia (CCUC)
It allows browsing simultaneously all university libraries catalog, and the National Library of Catalonia and other institutions.

REBIUN. Spanish University Libraries Network
You can browse in the collection of 74 research libraries in Spain.

Special Libraries

Local History Collection of Catalonia
A bibliographical database on Local History of Catalonia.

Specialized Libraries of the Generalitat of Catalonia(BEG)
It allows browsing in 35 libraries and documentation centers owned by the Generalitat of Catalonia, that support its activity as a public administration.

Union catalog of the libraries of the city of Barcelona (CBAB)
It is the Union catalog of the General Library and of the other specialized departmental libraries and municipal collections, in any format.

Arús Public Library
Research Center specialised in contemporary social movements and bibliographical production of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. The library is open to the public, although the uniqueness of its funds, aimed at researchers or people interested in the culture and society of the 19th centurey and early 20th century, as well as college students.

CSIC's libraries Network
Union catalog of books, magazines, maps and digital format items of the libraries which belong to the CSIC in all Spain.

Digital Libraries

Trencadís is the digital repository of the Municipal Libraries Network that has as its objectives to promote and spread the local culture and to preserve and provide access to those unique and valuable collections of the libraries which belong to the Network.

Hispanica Digital Library (BDH)
The BDH is an online resource that provides free access to thousands of digitized documents of the Nacional Library of Spain: monographs printed from the 15th to the 19th century, manuscripts, drawings, brochures, posters, prints, atlases, maps or plans.

Serials Digital Library (Hemeroteca digital)
Newspaper digital library is part of the Hispanica Digital Library project. It provides public access to the digital collection of the Spanish historical press magazines which houses the National Library of Spain.

Valencian Digital Library (BIVALDI)
The Valencian Digital Library has the most relevant and significant literary and scientific works of Valencia, as well as any others that may be of interest for the development of the scientific research on bibliographic and cultural heritage of the Valencian Community.

Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes
The fundamental works of culture in Spanish produced anywhere in the world, especially in Spain and Latin America. It also includes a wide range of texts in other languages, especially in Catalan and Galician, and an important space devoted to the Spanish sign language.
It contains approximately 2 million digital objects: books, films, works of art, newspapers, sound recordings and files of great libraries, museums and collections in Europe.

PADICAT (Digital Heritage of Catalonia) is an initiative of the the Library of Catalonia to capture, preserve and disseminate the Web Archive to Catalonia.

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