Aladí. Catalog of the Municipal Libraries Network

What is Aladí?

Aladí is the common catalog of the Network of Municipal Libraries in the province of Barcelona.
It covers and allows to identify all the documental information available in the 227 libraries and 10 mobiles of the Xarxa (as of December 31, 2019).

The libraries collection, with above 830.223 titles and 10.895.398 volumes, is multidisciplinary and include books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, electronic resources, electronic databases records and articles from magazines and serials (as of December 31, 2019). It is continuously updated and reflects the arrival of new documents in the libraries.

Aladí allows to easily identify which libraries in the network held a document about a subject or by a given author, and in which ones it is available for on-site reference or to be loaned.

Search can be directed against the entire common catalog, or just to the libraries in a council, municipality or a mobile library, or else it can be limited to the type of document (music, films, comics, audiobooks, large print or braille).

The online catalog also allows online services, such as: request a library card, access your personal information, renew your loans, reserve checked out documents, and reserve computers at the library, as well as save search results and rate the documents in the catalog.

From the common catalog interface you can also access:

The name Aladí fulfills three wishes...

If this is the first time you search Aladí, we recommend you to read the Help to learn how does it work and what does it contain.

If you cannot solve your doubts with the information contained in the Help, you can get in touch with us. Please, send us your comments through the suggestions box if yo have any doubts or find any mistakes. Your suggestions to improve the catalog will be very welcome.

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